This section contains the full text of the Climate Change Convention obtained from the home page of the UNEP / UNFCC Secretariat. You can start at the beginning of the text, or you can use the following index to go to a particular article or annex. You can also read a brief introduction, which is not a part of the official text.

This copy of the Convention text was downloaded from the Secretariat and edited. It was splited by articles to speed access in the Brazilian network conditions and links were provided when the text of an article quotes another one.


Article 1: Definitions
Article 2: Objective
Article 3 Principles
Article 4 Commitments
Article 5 Research and Systematic Observation
Article 6 Education, Training and Public Awareness
Article 7 Conference of the Parties
Article 8 Secretariat
Article 9 Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice
Article 10 Subsidiary Body for Implementation
Article 11 Financial Mechanism
Article 12 Communication of Information related to Implementation
Article 13 Resolution of Questions regarding Implementation
Article 14 Settlement of Disputes
Article 15 Amendments to the Convention
Article 16 Adoption and Amendment of Annexes to the Convention
Article 17 Protocols
Article 18 Right to Vote
Article 19 Depositary
Article 20 Signature
Article 21 Interim Arrangements
Article 22 Ratification, Acceptance, Approval or Accession
Article 23 Entry into Force
Article 24 Reservations
Article 25 Withdrawal
Article 26 Authentic Texts
Annex I
Annex II

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