Since its foundation in 1916, Ito Co,. Ltd. has worked consistently to develop and manufacture physiotherapy equipment. As a pioneer in the production of such equipment, we can say with confidence that the history of our company is the history of physiotherapy in Japan. These days, in our aging society, the effectiveness and possibilities of physiotherapy are becoming more widely recognized, and consequently much is expected of us from a wide range of sectors. In order to meet these expectations, we believe that it will become more and more important to establish evidence-based medicine (EBM) and to develop effective and innovative products in the field of physiotherapy equipment. Not content to rest on the laurels of the reputation it has earned, Ito Co,. Ltd. intends to devote all of its energy to building even greater credibility. We look forward to your continuing support and assistance in the future development of our company.
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             Ito Co,. Ltd.

  The founder: Kenji Ito



Company Profile
Company name :
* Ito Co,. Ltd.
* Established :
* 1916
* President :
* Fujitoshi Senga
* Location :

<Head Office>1-23-15, Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
<Operation Headquarters>3-3-3, Toyotama-Minami, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 81-3-3994-4619

* Number of employees :
* 294 (as of January 2006)
* Business activities :
* Manufacture and sale of hospital-use and home-use therapeutic equipment, rehabilitation equipment, health equipment, and beauty equipment
Export and import of physiosherapy/rehabilitation equipment
* Main banks :
* The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd., Nogata Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Nakamurabashi Branch

Foreign offices:
China, Vietnam, Holland

Main trading partners
-Asia: Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, India
- Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
- Middle East: Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Iran, Egypt
- Europe: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, East European countries, Russia
- North America: Canada, the United States
- Other areas: Latin America, Africa

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